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Rotworld: Parts 2 and 3

Welcome back Parliamentarians!  We're going to be changing formats a bit as we journey back into the entropic dystopia that is Rotworld. In our first two installments of Rotworld, covering both the prologue and also Parts 1 of the Red Kingdom and Green Kingdom subplots, we reviewed one issue each of Animal Man and Swamp Thing. Having established the lay of the land, and with the two subplots diverging for now, I think it's safe for us to focus solely on our favorite emerald elemental, at least for the time being.
When we last left off, Alec Holland, Poison Ivy, Deadman, and a small army of artificially animated Swamp Thing clones were defending the Green Kingdom, the last bastion of plant life on Earth, from the Rot-infected Teen Titans. As issue 14 opens Holland is being beaten badly by Rot-Superboy, with Ivy captured by a giant millipede-like creature, before Alec is contacted by telepathically by the nearby Parliament of Trees, who urge him to use their power to bolster h…

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